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Rafting FAQ


You should bring a bathing suit or shorts and a shirt. There is no charge for the use of wetsuits, boots, or splash jackets if you would like to use them. Cotton clothing is cold when wet and should be avoided. Sunscreen, sunglasses, eyeglass straps, bottled water and waterproof disposable cameras are all good items to bring, and are available in our gift shop.


Use your common sense or that of your physician. Rafting is not recommended for persons with serious medical conditions such as heart problems, serious respiratory ailments, obesity, osteoporosis, or pregnant women. We are able to accommodate most handicapped persons. If you have specific concerns please let us know and our office staff will be glad to help you find a suitable trip. Failure to disclose serious conditions can result in injury or death. Bring any required medications with you and your guide will safely store them for you during your trip.


No, we take many people who have never rafted before on trips through the Royal Gorge. The key to a successful trip includes the desire to be on a challenging trip and the ability to follow directions from your guide. The type of raft you choose can vary your participation. One option is a paddle-assist raft, in which the guide will have a large set of oars, these oars give the guide much greater control of the raft and a little less paddling for you. A paddle raft is where you do more work and paddle whenever the guide tells you to, essentially you are the motor in this option.


You should choose a trip based on the level of difficulty, the ages of the participants (particularly children), your physical condition, length of trip, and the type of raft (paddle, paddle-assist) you prefer. All ages and abilities will enjoy our trips on Bighorn Sheep Canyon of the Arkansas, or our Beginner Trip on Clear Creek. Adventure seekers should consider our more advanced trips on Clear Creek or the famous Royal Gorge. Full day trips are available on the Arkansas River on both the Bighorn Sheep Canyon and the Royal Gorge. Clear Creek has a full day Intermediate trip as well. Full day trips become more challenging as the day progresses, and are an excellent opportunity to warm up before you hit the big stuff.

If you have children younger than 5 our Family Float is a great option. We frequently have one parent float with the tots while the other parent takes the rest of the group on one of our other whitewater rafting trips.

Multi-day trips are for those wishing to get away from it all. These leisurely paced trips camp along the riverbanks in rustic setting where you fall asleep and wake up to the sounds of the river and the smells of a delicious meal, all meals are provided. We have a supply of tents and sleeping bags available at no charge, or you may bring your own. All of our trips are available for groups and some minimum age requirement do apply, please contact us for more information 1-719-275-6645.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Whitewater Adventures with Raft Masters



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